??What is Inquiry Based Learning??


    Inquiry Based Learning is student driven, with teacher direction. Students find the questions that drive their research and the teacher’s instruction based on the topics of the curriculum. It makes learning more engaging and more fun. It empowers students in their education and inspires them to become lifelong learners. It can be messy! It can look like organized chaos to the untrained eye upon entry into a classroom that follows these theories. It can also be frustrating for students, but teaches them the life skills required to interact with people who function at a variety of academic and social levels, so that they can be better empowered to be successful in the business place as adults. It teaches them organization and time management with long term assignments. It also encourages them to become dynamic presenters and to work with a variety of presentation modalities.


    In Melville Lane we are continuing to transition to project based learning and the inquiry model. Please come in and take a look around to see what we are creating!