• Patriot Spy Activity

    Social Studies Links

    • U.S. Scavenger Hunt
      Thinkfast, because the Great State Race is on!  Take on some triviaquestions about America"s 50 states to show who is king of the road.

    • States & Capitals
      Practice your states & capitals ! 

    • Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids
      Doyou have questions about the U.S. government and how it works? Let BenFranklin guide you through it! Here is a place that you can learn aboutthe branches of government, the election process, and how laws aremade. It includes debate topics, word puzzles, historical documents,and more! Click on the kite to find information for the correct gradelevel!

    Pioneer Explorers Websites

    • Our Story: Life in a Sodhouse
      Tryyour hand at being a pioneer for a day. Build a sodhouse for you andyour family to live in. Travel back in time and give it a try!
    • Pioneer History Detective
      Youcan be a history detective! Answer questions about pioneers, buyingland, farm inventions and more. When you have finished, check youranswers to see how you did. Click here to start your investigation!

    • Take Your Wagon West on the Oregon Trail!
      Duringthe 1840"s more than half a million people followed the Oregon Trail,but the government didn"t know all that much about the journey. Theyhave hired your group to travel with these pioneers to learn about thepeople, nature, hardships, and the trail itself. Assume one of theroles listed in this WebQuest under "Process," and then learn about thetrail from that perspective. After you have gathered your information,meet with your group to share your findings. Then find a way toorganize the information for the government as well as your fellowcitizens.

    • Oregon Trail
      Learn all about the Oregon Trail.  This website is based on the PBS Documentary.