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     February 24 – March 4  window for selecting courses on Naviance
    • February 24 (10am) – Current Juniors (Class of 2019) 
    • February 26 (9pm) – Current Sophomores (Class of 2020) 
    • February 28 (9pm) – Current Freshmen (Class of 2021)
    • March 1 (4pm) –  Current 8th Graders (Class of 2022)
    • March 4 (4pm) – Naviance window closes for all student

    1. Login to Naviance from the OPHS Home page using your "Q" username and password. 
    Naviance Login
     2. Once you have logged in click on the "courses" tab. When the window for your class opens for course requests (see the schedule above), you will be able to click on"course requests" and begin submitting your requests. 
    The Courses Tab
    3. Before selecting courses, we highly recommend that student goes to the "my course plans" section, and click on "manage my course plans." Select the "OPHS Graduation Requirements Draft Plan" and begin working on your 4-year plan for high school. In the process, you can research course options, view course descriptions, and prerequisites. Once you have finished your plan you will be ready to select your courses.
    4 Year Graduation Plan  
     4. If you have not built a Graduation Requirements plan you can also research classes by clicking on the "Browse Course Catalog" link noted below.
    Browse Course Catalog
    5. Once you click on the "Browse Course Catalog" link you will see this page which contains additional course selection information links along with the ability to search for individual courses by course title or Department.

    Browse Catalog

    6. Once you select a course or subject you will open a page that shows course descriptions. You can click on each course title to drill down for even more information about that class - like prerequisites, audition information etc....

     Course Catalog
    7. Zero Periods  If you do not want a “0” period, you should select “No Zero Period (Year)." Or, "No Zero Period (Fall)" if you only want a Spring Semester Zero period class.
    Zerio Period & English  
    8. Zero period Spring. If you do want a Spring Semester zero period class select it here, and make sure you selected "No Zero Period (Fall)" in the previous field. Or, select "No Zero Period (Spring)" if you only want a Zero period in the Fall.
    Zero period Spring
    9. Next, select your choices for periods 1-6 (your core courses and electives). If you are taking the class during “0” period, select, “I’m taking this class in 0 period.”
    Core Subjects  
    10. Interscholastic Athletic Activities: All students will be asked whether they plan to participate in an Athletic activity for the next school year. This will ultimately determine whether you have to select a Physical Education class, or not.
    Intersholastic Athletic Activities  
    11. Physical Eduction: Depending on whether you participate in an OPHS sponsored Interscholastic Athletic activity or not, you will need to select PE classes until they have fulfilled the 20 credit requirement.
    Physical Education Classes
    PE Classes  
    12. After Lunch: you may select Study Hall (grades 9-12) or Free Periods (grades 11-12) for after lunch if you have signed up for a “0” period. We STRONGLY recommend that our student-athletes take an academic class during “0” period and sign up for a study hall or free period. This will minimize the time you miss from class.After School (8th Period): You may also select the after school activities below. However, please note that all of them except the Advanced Band classes require instructor permission or an audition. As a result, only the Advanced Band classes will add to your course request credit total at this time. Selecting any of the other courses/activities is simply an expression of interest on your part.
    After Lunch & 8th Period  
    13. Once you are done selecting courses, click the “Save and Validate Requests” button. If you did it correctly, another button will appear that allows you to "SUBMIT" your requests. If you did it incorrectly, you will receive a "Validation Alert" error message.
     Validation Alerts  
    12. Once you have corrected the error, Naviance will allow you to submit your classes by clicking the button "Save and Validate" and "Submit for Approval."
    14. Once you have successfully submitted your course requests for approval you will see the following screen. It summarizes:
    • your requests,
    • your alternates
    • total credits you have requested
    • date you submitted your requests
     My Course Requests

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Last Modified on February 8, 2018