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    As part of daily homework, students are expected to read a minimum of 20 minutes per night and record the book title and minutes read. Logs should be completed NEATLY with book titles spelled correctly. Students turn the logs in on Fridays. If your child misplaces his/her reading log, it is available below.
    Book Fair 1
    Spelling Menu
    1. Write 10+ words in interesting sentences, underlining spelling words. 
    2. Write all words in ABC order.
    3. Write 10+ words in a paragraph/story, underlining spelling words.
    4. Write rhyming words for 10+ words.
    5. Write all words with a crayon/marker/colored pencil.
    6. Make a word search using at least 10 words and solve it.
    7. Write synonyms for 10+ words.
    8. Write the dictionary definition for 8+ words.
    9. Stamp out all your words.
    10. Divide all words into syllables by "clapping them out." You do not need to use a dictionary.
    11. Create pencil pictures for 10+ words.
    12. Write 10+ words in questions, underlining the spelling words.
    13. Make up book titles using 10+ words, underlining the spelling words.
    14. Use 10+ words (underlined) to write sentences that show onomatopoeia. (sound words like ding, chomp, drip etc.)
    15. Use 10+ words (underlined) to write sentences that have similes. Use like or as. For example: He was as large as a hippo.
    16. Use 10+ words (underlined) in sentences using a lot of adjectives (describing words).
    17. Use 10+ words (underlined) in sentences that have proper nouns. (Disneyland, Brookside)
    18. Use 10+ words (underlined) in sentences using a date (month, day, year) in each one.
    19. Use 10+ words (underlined) in sentences where you have used a strong verb.
    20. Use 10+ words (underlined) in sentences using quotation marks. 
    21. Use 10+ words (underlined) in sentences where using a comma in a series. (blue, red, and yellow)
    22. Have someone give you a practice test. Write the words you miss 3x each.
    23. Create a fun new way to practice your spelling words. You need to be able to turn it into your teacher.