school supplies


    Dear Parents,


    Welcome to 5th grade! Due to generous donations by Oak Hills parents at the beginning of each school year, we will supply your child with necessary supplies (including watercolors, crayons, markers, etc.), paper, Xeroxing, construction paper, spiral notebooks and an assignment notebook. 


    We are looking forward to a wonderful year filled with many days of fun and learning. As we embark on our transition to middle school, we encourage the students to be fully prepared for school each day. We would like to ask that your child bring a few items on the first day of school so that we can help them to get organized. These are the items that they will need to use throughout the school year:


    ·      Sturdy 1.5"-2 " three-ring binder or expandable file folder (no zip binders as they do not fit in cubbies)

    ·      Nylon Pencil Pouch with enforced grommets and a zipper (the plastic ones tend not to last)

    ·      Earbuds (a set that stays at school)



    We thank you for the support of your child’s education and look forward to meeting with you after school begins.