• Kindergarten Birthdays


    Birthdays are important to children of this age.  On your child’s birthday you may choose to do any of the following (Note: If your child’s birthday falls during the summer, we will celebrate their birthday on their half birthday).  Please remember that due to our school’s “Wellness Policy,” NO food treats of any kind may be brought to class.



    1. Present a new “Birthday Book” to the class. Your child can choose to give one of his-her favorite books, wrapped and tied with ribbon if you wish, to become a permanent part of our classroom. Your child may also choose to place a picture of themselves and write their name on this birthday book, as a dedication to their classmates.


    1. Bring a “goodie bag” for each student filled with non-food items, like stickers, pencils, games, etc.


    1. Do one or both of the above or none of the above, it is your choice and definitely not expected!! Your child’s birthday will be celebrated in class no matter what you choose to do!


    *Party Invitations-Please remember that unless you are giving every student in class an invitation I kindly request that you mail them from your home so a child at school does not feel left out.  If every child is receiving an invite, I will be happy to distribute them to each child.