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    Nowadays, the most effective way to research which college to attend, and how to get in - is via the World Wide Web. Virtually every Public & Private University in the country now prefers that their application to be submitted on-line. The following sites have proven to be excellent resources for parents, students and guidance counselors! The college internet resources on this page have been grouped by general categories to facilitate your research. There is also a brief synopsis of the contents of each of the web pages that have been hyperlinked for your convenience. Happy surfing!
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    AICCUMentor AICCUMentor™ offers total access to information and admissions applications for degree-granting independent colleges and universities within California. The student is responsible for the standard fee charged by a college or university upon submitting an application for admission, but otherwise, Mentor™ systems are provided free of charge. It can be accessed at:
     Apply to College Apply to College from the College Board. Just point,click, you're done! It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3 .Online applications make applying to college easy. You can complete almost every part of an application (even the essay) on your computer -- no pencils, typewriters, or white-out! Use College Search To add a college to your College List Follow the "Apply" link next to a school to start an application. Return to your list any time to manage your applications. More than 300 well-known colleges and universities participate. If you see the Apply link, an application is available. There is no charge for this College Board service, but you will be responsible for any application fees from the respective institutions. It can be accessed at:
    CollegeNET, Inc. is the world's leading 'virtual plumber' for higher education internet transactions. For your convenience, they provide over 1500 customized Internet admissions applications built for college and university programs. When applying to more than one program you save redundant typing since common data automatically travels from form to form. It can be accessed at:
     The Common ApplicationThe Common Application is accepted by 488 independent colleges and universities. Many schools accept it as the sole application document, while others may still require a supplemental form of their own to complete the application process. The concept is simple: Students complete one Common Application form, photocopy it, and send the form to any of the participating colleges. To order a Common Application you may call 1-800-253-7746 or download and print it directly from the internet at:
    CCC Online Application Center

    The (CCC)California Community College Online Application Center gives students one place to begin the application process to any California Community college. It can be accessed at:
    The Coalition Application
    The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success was developed to improve the college application process for all students as they search for and apply to their perfect college. The platform provides a single, centralized toolkit for students to organize, build, and refine their applications to numerous institutions. It can be accessed at:
     CSUMentor The California State University (CSU) system has established a system-wide homepage that provides hotlinks to all CSU campus homepages. School comparisons by region, SAT/ACT scores, major, and GPA are available. CSU applications can also be submitted this year through this site! It can be accessed at
    EDU Inc. The EDU, Inc. Common Black College Application allows students to apply to thirty-six black colleges at once and pay a one-time fee of only $35.The use of the EDU, Inc. Online Application increases educational options by allowing students to receive acceptance letters, financial aid packages, and scholarship offers from several different colleges. To date, over 100,000 students have used the services provided by EDU, Inc. It can be accessed at:
    Embark has been a leading provider of online college admissions services since 1995. With their online application and Application Manager system, you manage all your applications in one powerful, easy-to-use system. Nurture your applicant relationships and realize true efficiencies throughout your admissions process. It can be accessed at:
    University of CaliforniaThe University of California (UC) system has established the following Pathways site for all electronic application/admission information for the UC system on the Internet. Contains hotlinks to all UC campus websites, High School “a-g” lists as well as Junior College Transfer Agreements. It can be accessed at
    Universal ApplicationThe Universal College Application is a new alternative to the Common Application. It has been adopted by many highly selective universities such as: Clark, Duke, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Washington University in St. Louis and many more. For more information go to:

    College & Career Search Engines
    ACT Profile  This new career and school search makes it even easier to find schools that might be a good fit. Not sure where to start? Click "Be Discovered" in ACT Profile to complete and confirm your information in ACT Profile to allow schools to search for students like you, and let colleges, universities, and financial aid and scholarship agencies find you! For more information go to:
    Big Future  
     Inspired by a belief that all students deserve good guidance, BigFuture, by College Board is a free, comprehensive step-by-step college planning website. For more information go to:
    NACACThe National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) coordinates many national college fairs, which are scheduled throughout the year around the country. This is a great way to meet admissions representatives and pick up free materials. Check the NACAC website for upcoming fairs. This organization coordinates fairs for Visual & Performing Arts Schools as well as traditional colleges and universities. It can be accessed at: 

    YouVisit is a multi-media technology service that creates immersive virtual tours and virtual reality experiences for colleges and universities. Each tour is designed to increase awareness and physical visits to a destination. For more information go to:

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    Academic Competitiveness & National SMART Grants: The current college students and high school seniors to apply for new Academic Competitiveness Grants and National SMART Grants for the 2006-07 academic year. Students who completed rigorous coursework in high school or who are pursuing degrees in math, science and critical foreign languages are eligible for a portion of $790 million in new federal funding for higher education. For more information go to:  

    BrokeScholar This is a free scholarship search engine connecting students and parents with financial aid and college scholarships. The Broke Scholar database matches student profiles with more than 900,000 scholarships worth over $3 billion to find the most relevant and obtainable opportunities. It can be accessed at:
    California Student Aid Commission This site is for the student or parent to assist in your search for State, federal and institutional financial aid information for funding post-high school education. It can be accessed at:
 web page has detailed information on education savings plans, school costs, ways to pay for college, scholarships, and the student financial aid process (from estimating your (EFC) Estimated Family Contribution, to completing the FAFSA and reviewing the (SAR) Student Aid Report. It can be accessed at:
 allows you to search for scholarships two ways - A Keyword Search
    if you already know something about the scholarship you are looking for. Enter a series of keywords to find all scholarships that contain those same words in their name or description. A Profile Search looks for scholarships that match your personal profile. Provide as little or as much information as you want to find the scholarships that you are most qualified to receive. This service can be accessed at:

    College Toolkit is a one-stop resource for life after high school allowing students to find and apply for scholarships, search through a database of more than 4,000 colleges, and explore 900 careers all in one location. It is one of the most comprehensive sites for life after high school... and everything on the site is free for students to use! This website can be accessed at:
    FAFSA4caster allows you and your family to receive an early estimate of eligibility for federal student aid. This Web site provides you with an opportunity to increase your knowledge of the financial aid process; become familiar with the various types of federal student aid that are available; and investigate other sources of aid, such as grants and scholarships. To access, this website go to:
    FASTWeb is a free searchable database of more than 600,000 private sector scholarships, grants, fellowships, and loans. It is absolutely the most "cutting edge" method of researching scholarship information, and it is updated daily (approximately 1,200 per day). To access the Financial Aid Information page on the Internet type:  For more information on fastWEB call 1-800-327-8932.
 is an overall financial aid site with information on loans and scholarships, and a financial aid calculator that can help you determine whether you qualify for need-based aid and what your family's (EFC) Estimated Financial Contribution will be. It can be accessed at:
    Financial Aid is a website where you can read real college financial aid award letters. Decode confusing (and sometimes misleading) loan and scholarship information. Translate financial aid jargon and acronyms into plain English. Get great tips on raising extra college cash, cutting costs, and making that degree more affordable. Find out why you deserve clear and complete cost information, and why colleges aren't delivering it. It can be accessed at:
    HISPANIC SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) is the nation's leading Hispanic scholarship organization, providing the Hispanic community more college scholarships and educational outreach support than any other organization in the country. In its 34 year history, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund has awarded close to $280M in scholarships to more than 90,000 students in need. Two-thirds of these students were the first in their families to go to college. It can be accessed at:
 provides free college and scholarship information for high school students. Unlike other college and scholarship websites, however, does not profit from the sale of student information to third parties. Begun by a group of concerned parents who were dissatisfied with the status quo,’s Scholarship Section is the only one available that does not require students to register and submit personal information which is then sold to any company willing to pay for it. For more information go to:

    Golden State ScholarShare College Savings Trust is California's state and federally tax-free "529" college savings program. At this website, you can also learn more about the Governor's Scholarship Program. Although the program has not been funded since 2002 awards granted in prior years can be claimed online at this site as well:
 is the Web's first comprehensive directory of merit scholarships from colleges. We want to make it easy for you to understand how much merit aid is available to you from colleges across the country before you apply. The site can be accessed at:
    National Center for Educational Statistics This web site tells you the average award amount at each school, how many students receive aid and various other statistics. You can also find this information in many college handbooks. It can be accessed at:
 Each user answers a detailed questionnaire, providing information about their academics, extracurricular activities, and individual background. We then use this data to generate a customized list of grant and scholarship opportunities that match the student's qualifications. At the heart of this process is our industry-leading scholarship database–the most comprehensive and accurate compilation of national, state, local, and college-based scholarships and grants available anywhere:
    Scholarship Hunter is a free service that allows you to search for scholarships by major and by state. It also has a comprehensive listing of scholarship sweepstakes & essay contests. It can be accessed at:
    SchoolSoup has the largest scholarship database in the world. Their search engine will find scholarships that match your interests and profile by searching through $32 Billion worth of scholarships. They also provide links to Test Prep services, online textbooks, and a college search engine! It can be accessed at:
 Borrowing for educational expenses leaves many students and their families feeling lost - and they are not alone. With so many lenders offering so many versions of basic loan types, it can be hard to find the financing option that's best for each individual's situation. That's where SimpleTuition comes in. SimpleTuition is designed to help students and families find their way to the ideal student loan or financing option for educational expenses, and to help them take action. It can be accessed at:
    Student Scholarship Search provides students and parents with a FREE searchable database of college scholarships and grants. No registration required. Scholarships updated daily. It can be accessed at:
    The U.S. Department of Education site has information about federal aid programs and includes recommendations and tips for parents and students on how to pay for college. It can be accessed at:
    Web Grants 4 Students is where you can check the status of your Cal Grant application at:  and access your grant information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    The WESTERN UNDERGRADUATE EXCHANGE (WUE) is a program of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). Students who are residents of WICHE states are eligible to request a reduced tuition rate of 150% of resident tuition at participating two- and four-year college programs outside of their home state. It can be accessed at:  
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    Military Service Academies:

    United States Military Academy
    ATTN: Public Affairs Office
    Taylor Hall, Bldg 600
    West Point, NY 10996-1788
    (845) 938-2006

    United States Naval Academy
    ATTN: Public Affairs Officer
    121 Blake Road
    Annapolis, MD 21402-5000
    United States Air Force Academy
    ATTN: Public Affairs Officer
    2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 320
    U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840-5016
    The United States Coast Guard Academy*
    ATTN: Public Affairs Officer
    15 Mohegan Avenue
    New London, CT 06320-4195
    * The Coast Guard reports directly to the Department of the Navy only in wartime; in peacetime, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation.

    United States Merchant Marine Academy**

    ATTN: Public Affairs Officer
    300 Steamboat Rd
    Kings Point, NY 11024
    (516) 773-5000
    **The Merchant Marine Academy has a close relationship with the U.S. armed forces, as noted in its web site, but is not part of the Defense Department.
    Today's  Military Military (general)
    The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test is an exam that is administered to newly-entering members of the military in order to assess their aptitude for various skills and subject matters. If you're interested in joining the military, or if you already have and you would like some ASVAB practice simply navigate through the ten ASVAB practice test sections below and take the tests as often as you'd like. The practice ASVAB test consists of ten sections, click on a link below to take one of the sample tests. For more information go to:

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    NCAA The NCAA has created an Internet site that provides prospective student-athletes and parents with pertinent information about the college recruitment and eligibility process. This also now the preferred way for students to register for the Clearinghouse! It can be accessed at:
    NAIA The NAIA is an alternative organization to the NCAA. The NAIA recruitment process is less cumbersome, with fewer restrictions on the contact a student-athlete and coach can make. To register for the NAIA go to the following link:
    For more information about the NAIA go to their website at:
    College Sports Recruiting NowCOLLEGE COACHES is the premier college sports recruiting site that allows you to search for college sports programs that fit YOUR needs athletically and academically. You will also have the opportunity to promote and highlight your athletic and academic accomplishments to college coaches of your choice. Most importantly, this is a free service to you. We want you to use this site often. The more you use it, the more that college coaches will go to it as a valuable resource for finding you. We regularly add new schools, so keep checking back for these updates. This site can be accessed at:
    College Profiles The College Profiles website features in-depth college profiles with information about academic programs, athletics, campus life, facilities, expenses, financial aid and much more. From each profile, you can link directly to the home page of each institution. The collegiate athletics search criterion includes specific men’s and women’s sports and level of competition. In addition to a free custom college search, it features a number of specific listings that cater to the needs of our students. With such indexes as the Multicultural Students Directory, in which enrollment numbers are broken down by ethnicity, the Christian and Catholic Colleges Directories, the Metro Search. It also profiles the institutions of higher learning in the country's urban markets and has an Honors Program Directory. This site can be accessed at:

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    CaliforniaColleges.eduCalifornia is the ultimate online catalog of California’s Institutions of higher education. All UC, CSU, Community College, Private and Independent Colleges are linked to this comprehensive website. It allows you to compare California colleges, explore campuses and receive financial aide information. It can be accessed at:
    (AICCU) The Association of Independent California Colleges & Universities is the advocacy organization
    for all California's Private & Independent Colleges and Universities. Their website AICCUMentor™ offers
    total access to information and admissions applications for degree-granting independent colleges and universities within California. It can be accessed at:
    California Postsecondary Education CommissionThe California Postsecondary Education Commission maintains a comprehensive website that provides extensive information on the three public systems: UC, CSU, and California Community Colleges. It can be accessed at:
    California Online Collges
    There has been explosive growth in online education over the last few years. As a result, there have also been a growing number of ranking and rating systems, but they all seem to take the same metrics into account. Even US News and World Report has joined the fray. But, as we’ve learned, online education is quite dynamic. A stack ranking of all online schools barely scratches the surface. With, we set out to do something different. We wanted to go beyond the numbers so we could understand how online programs are innovating. To access, this service go to:

 is a free college search engine for prospective students. It is user-friendly and non-biased. It is a fast and effective way to search for and explore college options. It can be accessed at:
    Canadian Colleges (AUCC) represents 90 Canadian public and private not-for-profit universities and university-degree level colleges. It contains academic, admissions, financial aide and other information about Canadian colleges & universities. This site can be accessed at:
    Beyond The States
    You’ve decided to go to college abroad. Or maybe you’re just checking out your options to study overseas. Either way, you need a trusted advisor to help you understand how to get from here to there. That’s where Beyond the States comes in. We help students and parents find the right college or grad school in Europe for them. We offer personalized recommendations for students who are considering studying abroad and have built an online guide to the thousands of English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degree programs throughout Europe. This site can be accessed at:

    CollegeNET, Inc. has one of the most advanced Search Engines where you can enter profile information that allows CollegeNET to sift through thousands of colleges and find schools well matched to you. It is the world's leading 'virtual plumber' for higher education internet transactions. They provide here for your convenience over 1500 customized Internet admissions applications built for college and university programs. When applying to more than one program you save redundant typing since common data automatically travels from form to form. It can be accessed at:
    Collegeboard Matchmaker
    The College Board's "College Matchmaker" service helps students search for colleges online. It can be accessed at:
    College Portrait is a source of basic, comparable information about public colleges and institutions presented in a common, user-friendly format. It is designed to be a trustworthy source of reliable data for prospective students and their families. It can be accessed at:

    College Prowler Find what you're looking for though the CP College Finder. Use the Rankings checklist to view the schools that rank among the best in the areas of campus life that matter the most to you. The College Finder can also narrow the search based on cost, majors, city setting, student body size, and religious affiliation. Finding the perfect school just got easier! It can be accessed at:

    Colleges That Change Lives CTCL is a group of 40 schools that share two essential elements: a familial sense of communal enterprise that gets students heavily involved in cooperative rather than competitive learning, and a faculty of scholars, devoted to helping young people develop their powers, mentors who often become their valued friends. Low student-to-faculty ratios that foster collaboration, engaged learning, and personal attention. Classes are taught by professors, not TAs. A commitment to undergraduate education that focuses on the liberal arts and sciences. Opportunities for undergraduate research are prevalent. A living and learning environment that is primarily residential and emphasizes the benefits of community, personal growth, participation, and involvement. Smaller student enrollments that allow students to be known and recognized as individuals. The CTCL site can be accessed at:

    Traditional college search services are based only on "hard filters," such as geographic regions, majors offered, GPA, and acceptance rates. These services don't take into account a student's individual aspirations and needs, which are the key drivers of a student's success in college. It can be accessed at:
    is a free resource for students who are searching for the perfect school for them. Education is one of the most valuable assets anyone can attain, and it should never be taken lightly. This site is sponsored by a team of educators and teachers, who hope that they can be a helpful stepping stone to your education future. We collect no information from students and all of our content is freely accessible with no password or timeframe restrictions.http://
    Education Planner EducationPlanner is your one-stop career and college planning site. We have the information you need to research careers, choose a postsecondary school, apply on-line, and find ways to finance your education. Information is also available in Spanish. It can be accessed at:
    has been named the "world's premier application essay editing service" the New York Times Learning Network, and "one of the best essay services on the Internet." by the Washington Post. Essay has helped more applicants write successful personal statements than any other company in the world. Their , 200+ Harvard-educated editors do not merely offer critiques and proofing; they also provide superior editing and admissions consulting, giving you an edge over hundreds of applicants with comparable academic credentials. This site even has SAT preparation materials and one of the better College Search Engines! It can be accessed at: has links to colleges & university of all types (4-year, 2-year, Art Schools, Graduate Schools and much more! to access, 50STATES.COM go to the following link:
    Hillel The largest Jewish campus organization in the world, and the foremost source on Jewish Campus Life. The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life provides opportunities for Jewish students at more than 500 colleges and universities to explore and celebrate their Jewish identity through its global network of regional centers, campus Foundations, and Hillel student organizations. It can be accessed at:
    Princeton Review

    The Princeton Review
    has created a College Search Engine called Counselor-O-Matic which allows you to input your academic and extracurricular history along with your school preferences to help you find the right college. It can be accessed at :

    NACAC Foreign undergraduate higher education options are increasingly popular among US high school students. Empower yourself to have detailed and reliable conversations about international undergraduate options with this free online resource. The NACAC guide features profiles and admission how-tos for eleven countries popular among US students and other international study options for the globally minded students in your class: It can be accessed at:

    Increase your college chances. Syncocate helps 7th-12th grade, transfer, and graduate students
    Build your story via extracurriculars and summer programs. Create a college list and write college essays Based on our Amazon best-seller, The Applicant College consultants educated at Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley. Synocate can be accessed at: 
    We focus on providing you with the most accurate, honest and complete information about the world’s best colleges. Entire college information that is present on our site comes from the existing student network. We are proud to provide you with completely honest college rankings, university reviews, and college statistics. You will be extremely astounded by the wealth of information present on our website. Right from the college photos to college movies, college pictures to college stats and college guide to student videos, you will find a plethora of resources that can help you in choosing the best university or college. If you are unable to find the exact information you require on particular university admissions or college admissions, then all you need to do is to contact us by leaving a message and one of our professionals will immediately get in touch with you to help you with your queries. You can visit different sections of our website that provide rich information about college internships, college scholarships, college documents, college profiles and much more. We are proud of our rich experience in assisting the students in their journey towards ascertaining their ideal career path. At Unigo, you can find lots of tidings related to college tuition, college financial aid, college dorm and much more. You can also seek for financial aid that can help you to get back to college. Choosing the right college to study abroad can be a daunting process for the teens as well as their families. Ending up at the right college can create a real difference in your life. To access, unigo go to:
    USNewsThe prestigious US News and World Report ranking of colleges and universities are available at this website. Excellent snapshots of literally thousands of schools along with hotlinks to their respective home pages. For a subscription fee, you can use their search engine as well as gain access to what is probably the most reliable database for researching and comparing colleges based on average freshman GPA’s, and SAT/ACT scores. This site can be accessed at:

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    is the leading and most comprehensive online graduate school guide to find the best graduate schools and graduate degree programs. Search from over 60,000 masters degrees, doctorate / doctoral degrees, Ph.D.'s and graduate certificate programs., Search by
    subject, graduate school or metro area nationwide and for international graduate programs. For students interested in distance learning or online graduate study, you can also search graduate degrees offered by accredited online colleges and universities. This site can be accessed at:


    Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) 
    Attention Deficit Disorder Association 
    Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders
    Colleges for Students with Disabilities
    Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)
    National Center for Learning Disabilities
    Learning Disabilities Online 
    National Adult Literacy & Learning Disabilities Center


    Fair has compiled a list of more than 700 colleges and universities nationwide that admit a substantial number of students without regard to test scores. The list includes a wide variety of institutions, from small, private liberal arts colleges to large, public university systems. Some of the schools require all applicants to submit test scores whether or not they use the test scores to make admissions decisions. Students should check with individual schools to find out the precise requirements. FairTest can be accessed at:

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    American Association of Community Colleges
    The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) has developed this website with hotlinks to the more than 2000 members of AACC.It is a quick way to research two-year community colleges throughout the country. It can be accessed at:
    AssistASSIST: This site maintains a database that allows parents and students to check the transferability of community college credits to all of the California State Universities (CSU) and the University of California (UC). This is the official articulation site for the California Community College, the CSU, and UC. Transfer agreements between these institutions are available on this website. It can be accessed at:
    California Postsecondary EducationThe California Postsecondary Education Commission maintains a comprehensive website that provides extensive information on the three public systems: UC, CSU, and the California Community Colleges. It can be accessed at:
    is the ultimate online catalog of California’s Institutions of higher education. All UC, CSU, Community College, Private and Independent Colleges are linked to this comprehensive website. It allows you to compare California colleges, explore campuses and receive financial aid information. It can be accessed at:
    CCC Online Application Center

    The (CCC)California Community College Online Application Center gives students one place to begin the application process to any California Community college. It can be accessed at:

    Moorpark College

    Moorpark College: can be accessed at:
    Pierce College LA Pierce College: can be accessed at:
    University of Toledo Junior College Data Base

    Two-Year (Junior) Colleges: The University of Toledo maintains one of the easier sites for finding two-year colleges around the country with over 1,000 hotlinks to the home pages of those schools that have websites. It can be accessed at:
    University HQ  How To Transfer Your College Credits. 
    The typical transfer occurs between a community college and a four-year institution. Students often attend local community colleges that are free or that have low costs. Using this method, they can gain up to four semesters of transferable credits, plus an associate degree. In some cases, students decide that an associate degree is not enough to achieve their goals, and they reach for a bachelor’s degree. In some cases, transferring is the means to obtain a major not available at their current institution. Some students transfer despite having just chosen the school and attended for as little as one semester. For these students, there may be issues of preference. To access our College Transfer guide click on this link: 

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    College Surfing Find career schools in fields as diverse as Acting, Art, Automotive, Avionics, Computer Animation, Culinary, Fashion, Health Care, Massage, Technology, and much more!

    Criminal Justice Degrees CJDS’s goal is to be the most thorough and trusted career and education guide for those interested in exploring, entering or advancing in the criminal justice and paralegal fields. Here, you will find information and resources on the best criminal justice schools and associated degrees, as well as profiles on 80+ criminal justice careers. The site also contains information on paralegal careers and paralegal degrees. For more information go to:

    Cyber Degrees Welcome to! The field of cyber security has never been hotter. To help you find your dream job, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive directory of colleges and universities offering cyber security degrees, as well as a wealth of information on career paths within the cyber security field, security clearances, the range of professional security certifications available, free online courses in security topics and more. It can be accessed at:
    Education Portal
    Browse hundreds of original, fact-filled articles to help you make an educated career path decision. A complete glossary of degree programs on the web. Browse over 2,500 articles about nearly every type of degree, course, and career education program in the United States. Research 1,000+ public and private colleges, universities, and trade schools in the United States. New college and university reviews are being added daily. Prospective students searching for performing arts universities found the links, articles, and information on this page extremely helpful.
    High School PortfoliosThis is the new worldwide standard for art school portfolio delivery and review. Our website gives students their own online portfolio that our participating colleges and art schools can view. To learn more about how this site can increase your odds for success
    Search4Colleges Search 4 Career Colleges connects you to schools offering education and hands-on training to assist you in your search for higher education. Whether you are looking to find a career training college to prepare for a great career or to just update your skills, at Search4 your quest for great career education is simple. It is okay if you are unsure of what kind of school/training you want. With free access to our database, you can take a look at all kinds of schools and training programs. It can be accessed at: 
    Consumer Affairs
    Consumer Affairs - online Nursing
    An online nursing program is a great option for anyone seeking a degree in nursing from an accredited school. Obtaining a degree in nursing is the next step for registered nurses (RNs) to further their credibility in the field. The flexibility of an online nursing program makes it easier for working students to get started in the nursing field or for working nurses to further their careers with an advanced degree.

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