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    Please click on the link below to print the test corrections handout.  If student's score below a 70% on some math TESTS (not quiz) they qualify for a math retake. In order to take the retake, they must complete their test corrections using the attached handout, have a parent signature on the test corrections handout, and have the original test stapled to their test corrections.  This is due the day they come in to take the retake. Dates for the retake test will be given the day original tests are returned. Correction Sheet
    This collection of online video clips are designed to provide a brief overview of targeted topics, skills, and key concepts. They parallel the BLUE textbook instruction (not being used this year but at home for a great reference) by highlighting main ideas and outlining mathematical processes. Students should utilize this resource if they are absent; need help with homework; want to preview material, need additional review; and to study for tests. The chapters and sections do not correspond to Connected Math, our current textbook, but can still be used as a great resource. 
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    Textbook Website: Use the below link as a resource for homework help, personal tutor, review problems, practice quizzes, extra examples, activities, etc.:
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