• 4th Grade Goals

    Tips to Increase Independence
    • Consistent routine. This establishes security and kids know what to do without constant reminders (post homework routine, set bedtime, etc.).
    • Model routines and determine if some activities need to be cut so time is less frantic
    • Avoid repeating directions. Reward child when they respond the first time.
    • Allow them to learn from their mistakes
    • Recognize that as a fourth grader, homework should be completed primarily without adult interaction as it is practice of things already taught. If you are sitting with your child throughout homework, try this strategy to help them reach independence:
      • Have students summarize directions of what they are to do and at that time ask any questions. After helping with the few questions, let them begin homework, following the homework routine. At the homework's end, they may bring it to you for a quick check if they are uncertain of accuracy. If there are major problems with the work, discuss together. Small stuff can be fixed by them or left alone at your discretion.
    How to Complete Homework Independently and on Time
    1. Come home and play/relax/snack for a short while.
    2. Start homework at the same set time each day in the same quiet place (as  consistently as possible).
    3. Set up shop (take out all items needed to complete homework).
    4. Start with the most difficult assignment.
    5. Take a short break in the middle of homework, if needed.
    6. Put completed work back in folder, back in the backpack and place backpack in same "ready to go" area.
    Field Trips
    Olivas Adobe
    Rock n' Roll Geology
    Watt Electricity
    Gardens of the World
    The Gold Rush Comes to Oak Hills

    & Lunch

    SnackThere is an opportu
    nity for your child to have a snack at the first recess, 10:20 - 10:40. Be sure it is in a recyclable container with your child's name on it. Snacks may also be purchased in the lunch area. Lunch is at 11:45. If your child will be buying lunch, you must buy lunch tickets; please put their name on their tickets. If your child brings a lunch to school, it should be a no trash lunch. Please label ALL containers.