• Homework Policy
    Your child will be bringing home a Red Homework Folder. In class, we will have already discussed the importance of taking this folder home on Monday and returning it on Friday with all the homework assignments completed. It is important that your child’s name be on every page in the homework folder.

    In order to make things as easy as possible, I have set up a weekly homework schedule so that you know what to expect each evening. The weekly homework schedule will be in your child’s homework folder. Homework is due on Friday unless specified otherwise.  Homework is an important part of school. It helps your child become more independent and responsible. It is a review of skills taught in school. Therefore, there will be no challenge or “extra” homework given.

    Reading Log
      Each night, have your child read their Phonics Library Books and other books. After they read for 20 minutes, discuss the book and ask your child questions relating to what they read. Make sure to turn in their Monthly Reading Log at the end of every month.

    The Finished Work Folder (Clear-colored plastic) will come home with your child daily. This folder will include graded papers and projects from the week.  Please empty it each night and look through the papers! Then send the empty folder back. Please feel free to place any note to the office or us in this folder.

    Homework Schedule
    See Weekly Homework Log and Newsletter for assignments.

    Weekly Test Schedule
    Monday: Math Fast Facts, Spelling Pre-Test
    Friday: Math Fast Facts, Spelling Test
    **Other tests may be spread out throughout the week as needed.