• Behavior Standards


    Your child will have four class rules to follow during this school year. A classroom based on these rules will ensure a positive environment where all children will be able to do their best!


    Our Classroom Rules:

    ·      Rule One- Follow directions.

    ·      Rule Two- Raise your hand.

    ·      Rule Three- Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

    ·      Rule Four- Use your manners.

    We will enforce our four class rules by using a behavior chart with a pocket for each student.  Everyone begins the day with a green card in their pocket.  If your child chooses to make an inappropriate choice and breaks one of our four rules, they will need to change their card to the next color.


    Our Behavior Cards:

    ·      Green- Having a great day!

    ·      Yellow- WARNING- Student gets a warning for inappropriate behavior.

    ·      Blue- Stop and Think card- Student needs to fill out a Stop and Think form with the teacher, get it signed by a parent, and return it to school the following day.

    ·      Pink- Principal- Student is sent to the principal’s office for discipline. (We do not anticipate ever needing to use the pink card!!!).


    Behavior Bears

    We will be giving each child a “Behavior Bear Chart” to keep at home.  At the end of each day, your child will receive a green bear if their green card is still showing on the behavior chart.  Please have your child glue this green bear to the “Behavior Bear Chart” at home.  Once your child earns twenty bears, they may turn in the chart and receive a prize from our class prize box! 


    If your child has a yellow card showing at the end of the day, then they will bring home a yellow bear.  This signifies that they got a warning in class for breaking one of our class rules.  The yellow bear should not be glued to the chart.


    If your child has a blue card showing at the end of the day, then they will not receive a bear.   They will be coming home with a Stop and Think card for you to sign. 


    If your child has a pink card showing at the end of the day, they will be coming home with a Stop and Think card as well as a note from the principal.


    We look forward to giving each child a green bear at the end of every school day!