• Classroom Rules

    class rules

    1. Show respect to all people.
    2. Talk at appropriate times and use appropriate language.
    3. Bring all needed materials to class.
    4. Be seated and ready when the bell rings.
    5. Follow directions.
    6. Food, drinks, and gum are not allowed in class.
    7. Obey all school rules.

    Homework Responsibilities


    YOUR Homework, YOUR Responsibility

    Homework is written on the board every day. It is the student's responsibility to copy it down in their assignment notebook.

    1.Each student is responsible for turning in all work assigned in class. Any work not completed in class is homework and is to be turned in the next day. A maximum of half credit will be given for work turned in one day late. Homework will not be accepted for credit after being more than one day late and will result in a zero.

    2. For excused absences, each student may make up class work, homework, and tests.Each student will have the number of days plus one to make up the work missed. Each student must make arrangements with the teacher the day they return from the absence to make up tests. The teacher will NOT ask you for any work or tests that need to be make up. BE RESPONSIBLE!

    3.Each student is to get at least two phone numbers from different people in the class so he/she may phone them to get information or assignments in case he/she is absent. Select a "study buddy" or partner that you can rely upon to take good notes for you.

    4. Homework and projects are assigned to the students, not the parents. While parental support is appreciated, the work must be completed by the students themselves. 

    Grade Scale

    To access your students' grades, visit:

    A +
    99 -100%
    93 - 98%
    A -
    90 - 92%
    B +
    87 - 89%
    83 - 86%
    B -
    80 - 82%
    C +
    77 - 79%
    C73 - 76%
    C -
    70 - 72%
    D +
    67 - 69%
    D63 - 66%
    D -
    60 - 62%
    F59 - %

    Citizenship and Effort

    Work habits and citizenship grades will be based on the following criteria. The check system will be used.

    Work Habits
    - Assignments show student's best work
    - Assignments are turned in on time
    - Materials are brought to class
    - Class participation
    - Class time is used effectively

    - Arrives to class on time
    - Is respectful of others and property
    - Cooperates with other students and adults
    - Follows class rules

    Number of Checks:
    0 -2 checks
    3 - 6 checks
    7 - 10 checks
    11 + checks