COURSE RATIONALE- Spanish is now spoken by approximately thirty million people in the United States, primarily in the southwest, but also in other parts of this nation. The study and mastery of Spanish has a number of possible uses that can help you both professionally and educationally. Such mastery will vastly improve your chances of success in any job where you have to deal with large numbers of people, and will also help you to get into a number of colleges, many of which require at least two years of a foreign language for admission.

    COURSE OBJECTIVES- We will be using Así se dice as our text and the accompanying workbook. In addition to studying learning building vocabulary and working on grammar, we will be learning about culture, history and geography as well.

    SUPPLIES- you should bring your notebook, workbook, paper, writing instruments, and Spanish-English dictionary daily. Please obtain a good dictionary ASAP; a thick paperback or electronic dictionary of at least 20,000-25,000 entries should work. DO NOT use cell phones devices as translators!

    NOTEBOOK- Your Spanish notebook will be a three ring binder of at least one inch in width. Since it will contain different types of assignments, I have opted for a fairly simple format. At the front of the notebook you will have a table of contents, which will have the assignment title and the assignment number for each assignment. Likewise, on the top page(s) of the assignment, you will also have the title (center) and number (on the right). You may use more than one page for an assignment if necessary- very likely if you write with large letters- but use the same assignment number for each. You may use the front and back of each page as well. When you reach the end of an assignment, even if it is at the middle of the page, please begin the next assignment at the top –front or back- of a fresh page.

    BONUS POINTS- Certain activities will provide bonus points, which are put into your grade only at the end of each semester. These may provide a boost of up to 3-4% max, but if you are on the border between grades, this may make the difference between two letter grades. In addition to these, I will provide an extra 2% if you stick to the target language.

    MAKE-UPS- - If you are absent, homework will be due the no later than the day after you return from an absence. It is your responsibility to see me or e-mail me within one calendar week of missing quizzes or tests to set up a make-up date. Check the calendar each day for upcoming assignments, and to call classmates for missing work when absent.




    GRADING- Ten week and semester grades will be based on following scale:

    A= 90-100

    B= 80-89

    C= 70-79




    Grades will be weighted according to the following categories: quizzes and written work with a letter grade, 40%; homework, 10%; notebook, 10%, oral Spanish, 20%; final exam (both semesters), 20%.

    USEFUL WEBSITES – Some of the following websites are helpful for reviewing for this class:

    http://www.conjuguemos.com-This site is great for reviewing your verb constructions.

    http://www.rae.es/- The most comprehensive site on the Spanish language is here, maintained by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language.


    1) FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS; if you have any objection to something you are asked to do,

    please discuss it with me later

    2) Keep cell phones, i-pods and other such items tucked away.

    3) Stay in assigned seat.

    4) No shoving, running, hitting, or back talk.

    5) Keep area around desk clean.

    6) No food or drinks are to be consumed in class.

    7) Speak only when called on or during activities that require speaking.

    8) Please try to take care of bathroom needs and phone calls before and after class.

    9) Be in class when the bell rings, ready to work.

    10) Stick to the dress code! If you are in violation, you may be asked to go the office to change. change.

    CONSEQUENCES- if you follow the rules and do the work, your grades, self-esteem, needless to say! If you break rules and are cited on my "guest list," you will be facing a warning the first time, after which detentions follow, and ultimately, parental contact or Saturday school may even result.


    I, _______________________________________, have reviewed and understand the policies and rules explained on this handout, and will abide by them. In addition, my parent(s) have seen this handout as well.


    Parent or guardian:________________________________________