• Welcome to U. S. History, World Geography and World History Grading and Classroom Policies and Guidelines





    Grades will be based on the following: Unit Tests and Unit Quizzes

                                                              Homework and Classroom Assignments

                                                              Class Participation



    In order to receive full credit on any and all assignments, all work must be turned on the due date.




    In the event that a student has an excused absence, they will be given the same number of days they are absent plus one additional day. In addition, it shall be the responsibility of the student to obtain any and all missing work and to obtain any and all missing work in a timely manner. Timely manner means that all work shall be obtained on the day the student returns to school.


    In addition, if a student returns on the day of a test or quiz, that student shall be required to take that test or quiz.


    When given a graded assignment, I expect that the work on all assignments to be done individually and not shared. However, when working with another student(s) on a graded assignment, I expect that the answers between the students to vary somewhat and NOT be identical.