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    What type of vessels were the "Monitor" and the"Merrimac" and what was their fate and who's behalf did they fight?
    Abraham Lincoln is concerned that the Southern army, under the command of General Stonewall Jackson, was in a position to
    break  through the union forces at Shenandoah Valley. What significance of the battle of Shenandoah Valley?
    Does the battle of the Shenandoah Valley have any affect of the Confederate capital of Richmond and the struggle
    for the south to defend it?
    The passage on page 444 "He was simply out-generaled" refers to what General and what battle? Does this passage
    explain the relationship between President Lincoln and General McClellan and of so what is that relationship?
    How did Lincoln's cabinet perceive the relationship between Lincoln and McClellan?
    Does this relationship have negative effect on the war? If so why?
    Who were all of the members of Lincoln's cabinet? And what posts did they hold?
    What General did Lincoln want to intially command tie Army of the Potomac(Union Army)?
    Who is Edwin Stanton? What was his relationship with the other members of the Presidents cabinet?
    During the Civil War was selective service (Draft) act ever intimated? (Yes or No) Who spearheaded the draft?
    How was Lincoln viewed by the troops of the Army of the Potomac?
    Who was in charge of security for President Lincoln during the early years of his administration?
    What is the result to Stanton of the capitol speech made by Lincoln? How did Stanton react to the speech?
    As for the Union Army,where were most of the wounded soldiers hosed when hospitals were at capacity?
    What did President's Lincoln wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, suffer from?
    What did Mary Todd Lincoln bring with her on her visits to local hospitals? And why was she visiting the hospitals
    in the first place?
    How did soldiers in the field communicate with families back home?
    What type of weaponary caused the most casulaties? Was this true for both the North and South/