• Welcome to U.S. History, World History and World Geography.
    • In order to succeed in class, all students must do the required textbook reading prior to all tests and classwork.
    • In the event that you miss a video assignment for U.S History, you must rent the video and finish the questions on your own.
    • In the event that a video assignment is missed in World Geography, that assignment will be made-up in Ms.Galbreath's classroom which is F-3.

    U.S History is offered during Period 3, World History is offered during Period 4,  and World Geography is offered during Periods 1,2, and 6.

    Support time is 7th. period, 2:25 -3:10, Monday through Friday.

    1. No food (that incudes GUM and CANDY) or drink is allowed in the class at any time.
    2. In the event that you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain all missing work.
    3. All missing work must be made up in a timely manner,meaning that you will have the same number of days that you are absent plus one day to complete and turn in all missing work, including any missed tests, or quizzes.
    4. All homework shall be turned in on the due date and late homework will not be accepted.
    5. Do not bring any electronic equipment to class such as: Cell phones,I Pods,C/D Players, etc.
    6. Any assignments which are copied from another student,unless working on a group project,shall receive no credit. Any assignments that are being done with another student(s) shall be written in your own words. If any violation of this rule occurs, all parties will be turned over to the Administration for additional discipline. In addition,do not copy word for word out of the book.  
    7. If a student is absent and returns on the day of a test or quiz,and that student has advanced knowledge of the date of the test or quiz,then the student shall take the test or quiz that day.