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    Teacher: Rebecca Custodio

    OPHS Special Education Teacher, Department Chair

    Classes:  Directed Studies 

    Email Address: RCustodio@opusd.org

    Best way to reach me is via email

    School line: 818-735-3300, my voicemail extension: 9130


    School Year 2019-2020


    Semester 1 Final Exams

    • Zero Period Finals:  Monday, Dec. 16 & Tuesday, Dec. 17

    • Periods 1 & 2:  Wednesday, Dec. 18

    • Periods 3 & 4:  Thursday, Dec. 19

    • Periods 5 & 6:  Friday, Dec. 20 



    Students, remember to refer to your teachers' websites for links, calendars, etc.  Print-out calendars/anchor pages to keep on hand as reference.  If your teacher utilizes Google Classroom, refer ALSO to your teachers' Classroom info (your teachers expect that you are referring to and following Classroom entry directions). Check your school email for any new messages that apply to your classes. 

    • REMEMBER to do your homework the DAY it is assigned! Review & Study that night.
    • Ask questions or seek assistance the next school day so you have another afternoon/evening to work through it on your own.  
    • Review & Study again that night before class.
    • You will then have ready what is due at that next class session.
    • Do NOT wait until the last minute before a test to do the assignments or to study...
    • ATTEND and Use Period 7 Support time regularly -- preferably, daily.  Make it part of your school day: 2:25 - 3:10pm...
    • Check your teachers' classroom boards, websites, Google Classroom, & Google Sites
    • On a daily basis, check your school Google email (@opusd.us) for assignments, updated calendars/anchor pages, additional information, supporting links, etc.
     THANK YOU all for your support !