Any student enrolled at an OPUSD school is eligible to receive up to one breakfast meal and one lunch meal at no cost from the cafeteria each school day. For OVHS and DK students, only breakfast will be offered.

    • Lunch will be served during the scheduled lunch period at each school. We will not be serving lunch on any early dismissal days since there is no scheduled lunch period. 
    • Breakfast will be served during the scheduled morning recess/break (Nutrition) at each school. We are not providing breakfast before school.
      • DK students are eligible to order breakfast. Our elementary staff will pack the meals together for the DK students who are participating each day and either a campus supervisor or aide may pick up the meals and take them to the DK classroom just before the scheduled DK Nutrition break. 
      • Breakfast for participating OVHS students will be packed at one of our kitchens and distributed from the OVHS Snack Shack during the scheduled Nutrition break. 



    School meals are pre-ordered through our online meal ordering website. Walk-ups are strongly discouraged except in the event of emergencies. Parents are responsible for ordering meals for their children each day.


    Registering for an Account

    Families interested in school meals must register for an account at and order for each day they desire meals for their student. Important instructions on how to sign up for the first time are located here. Please note that this is a NEW system and is unlike procedures from last year.


    Ordering Deadlines

    • Menus for each month will be posted by the second Friday of the month prior and ordering can begin immediately.
    • An email notification will be sent via Boonli whenever we post a new menu. Families must opt-in through the online meal ordering website to receive these notifications.
    • We strongly encourage families to order for an entire month at one time, but week by week ordering is also available.
      • MONTHLY ORDERSFamilies choosing to order for the entire month at once will want to submit their orders by 11:59 pm on the Sunday one week before the first week of the month.
      • WEEKLY ORDERS: Orders for each week are due by 11:59 pm on the Sunday one week before the week that meals are served. For example, meals for the week of November 15th must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Sunday, November 7th.
    • Meals can only be ordered during the ordering period. After an ordering period is closed, late orders will not be accepted. 


    Editing and Canceling Orders

    • Families may edit or cancel their orders at any time during the ordering period. We ask that families please commit to the meals they have ordered after the ordering period is closed.
    • We strongly urge that if parents have not pre-ordered a meal for their student that they make sure to send them with a meal to school
    • Alternatively, we ask that parents please do not pre-order meals for their child if their child will not eat the food from the cafeteria.
    • For families ordering special meals: It takes a lot of time for our staff to plan and prepare special meals specifically for a child. We ask that they please commit to the meals they have ordered. 
    • Please remember that every meal ordered but does not get picked up is a meal wasted.


    Contact Re: Meal Ordering

    • BOONLI is the developer that created our online meal ordering program. For technical questions related to the operation of the website, please email Please do not contact the OPUSD Technology Department. 
    • For food or policy-related questions, please email