Career Chats

    Career Chats, a series of meetings with professionals, was started by OPHS senior Rachel Lin to aid students in their college and career decisions. This is an opportunity for students to meet a variety of professionals who share their career experiences and insights. This program to allow students to learn more about different career options that they could pursue during and after college. Students can come and listen to the speakers and ask any questions.

    When are the meetings held?

    All meetings will be held on Fridays from 12:05-12:40 in the College and Career Center (C6).

    Who can attend?

    All grade levels are welcome and highly encouraged to attend!

    Missed past meetings?

    Information from past meetings is recorded on https://career-chats.webnode.com/ and also includes supplemental information not included at meetings. 

    Upcoming meetings for 2019!

    Session #1: October 4

    Wastewater public relations and corporate communications management (Mr. Sandy Warren)


    Session #2: October 18

    Psychology/college counseling/public policy (Dr. Cindy Lewis)


    Session #3: November 1

    Business/Finance/Technology (Mr. Taylor Driggs)


    Session #4: November 15

    Nephrologist (Dr. Eric Tong)


    Session #5: December 6

    Brand Management/Marketing (Ms. Nichole Banducci)


    Stay connected with Career Chats:

    Join the email list: https://career-chats.webnode.com/

    Receive notifications: Instagram

    Key Contact: OPHS Senior Rachel Lin

Last Modified on September 26, 2019