Awareness Week 2018

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    Advanced Peer Counseling Presents: Awareness Week 2018

    Advanced Peer Counseling is excited to present Awareness Week 2018! This year’s theme is PERSPECTIVE. Defined, perspective is a particular way of regarding something; a point of view. Perspective is a broad topic that encompasses almost every aspect of our lives. It can be the story we tell ourselves, the story told by media, or the story others tell us. It shapes our beliefs, feelings, and actions. The theme emphasizes that if we shift our perspective, we shift the outcome. Throughout the week, we have tied in the concept of space. It serves as a symbolic representation of perspective and a reminder that everything is relative. We are happy to include our Oak Park community by inviting former staff and students to share during Awareness Week. #OakParkStrong

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    MONDAY, Dec 3:

    School Wide Assembly: Ms. Allison - Remaking the World Through Preemptive Love-Gym

    Lunch: Appreciation Activity - The Great Lawn

    TUESDAY, Dec 4:

    Nutrition:  Acknowledgement of Borderline victims- The Great Lawn

    Lunch:  Addiction Guest Panel - G9

    7th: JD Slajchert - Former OPHS grad and author of Moonflower, inspired by Luc Bodden.

    Autographed books available for $10 - G9

    WEDNESDAY, Dec 5:

    Lunch: Perspective art activity - Pavilion

    7th: “Positive Pessimism with Jaron Flynn - The Road Less Traveled” - G9

    THURSDAY, Dec 6:

    Lunch: Overwhelmed Lately?  Mindfulness-Based Management for stress and anxiety -  Pavilion

    7th: Gay-Straight Alliance - Perspectives of Gender Identity and Sexual Identity- G9

    3:30 in G 9 - Parent Presentation: Mindfulness for Managing School and Stress, including test anxiety.

    FRIDAY, Dec 7th:

    Lunch: Perspective Videos and Student Animation - G9

    YouTube YouTube link to "Hidden Stories"

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