Oak Hills Coyote

Advertising with Oak Hills

  • Are you interested in advertising with Oak Hills?

     There are three ways to reach our many engaged families who are looking to support your business:

     The Oak Hills Weekly Newsletter

    Our newsletter reaches over 700 emails on a weekly basis. 

    Your ad is in color and you can choose the dates that work best for your business. Dates based on availability, first come first serve.

    Advertise your Business with a Banner Hung up at our School

    We can hang your company's banner along the outside gates of our school making it visible not only to Oak Hills families but the entire community.

    Sponsor a Fundraiser

    We have limited opportunities to sponsor fundraisers or events at Oak Hills. This means that your business will be featured in all advertising and communication sent out regarding that event.

    If you are interested in learning more about advertising your business with Oak Hills please contact Brenna Gutell at brennagutell@yahoo.com