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    Eagle Athletics

     Co-Athletic Directors: Dick Billingsley & Tim Chevalier
    For questions about Eagle Athletics, call 818-735-3303

    Thank You COACH 'B', Ann Pettit and Geri Sterling for your Years of Service & Wonderful Leadership!

    Fall Sports
    Winter Sports
    Spring Sports
    Football - Coach  Webb
    Tennis (girls) - Coach Joyce
    Volleyball (girls) - Coach Bilbruck
    X-Country (boys/girls) - Coach White
    Cheer (All-Year) - Coach McCormick
    Dance Team (All Year) - Coach Gentile
    Golf (girls) - Coach James
    Basketball (boys)-Coach Shaw
    Basketball (girls) - Coach Park
    Soccer (boys) - Coach Naylor
    Soccer (girls) - Coach Klamecki
    Baseball - Coach Kinberg 
    Beach Volleyball (girls) Coach Bilbruck
    Tennis (boys) - Coach Joyce 
    Track/Field - Coach White
    Volleyball (boys) - Coach Varney
    Softball - Coach Hale
    Golf (boys) - Coach James
    Lacrosse (boys) - Coach Ergin 
    Lacrosse (girls) - Coach Dotson
    Stunt - Coach McCormick

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