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    Welcome to  Mrs. Rosen's Homepage!
    Innovation Specialist:  Mrs. Rosen
    Room:  Innovation Space (208)
    Email Address:  jrosen@opusd.org
    We are so excited to announce the arrival of the
    Innovation Space!
    Our Innovation Space is unique to Oak Park Unified School District -
    a one of a kind place where students become Innovators 
    while experience technology at the next level!

    Your student will rotate through the school year to six different zones.  
    Each zone will be focused learning for four - six weeks at a time on innovative 
    experiences like robotics, circuits, 3D printing, movie making, coding and Minecraft!
    At the end of the four - six week experience your student will engage with their
    small group in a 'show me, tell me' experience where the Innovators will become 
    the teacher and presenter.  
    All students, in all grades, will experience the new Innovation Space during the school year
    younger grades starting later in the year so we can spend the first part of the
    school year working on the important basic skills in the Innovation Space.
    I welcome and treasure parent volunteers!  If you want to volunteer in our
    Innovation Space please send me an email
    Remember - we teach you everything you need to know to help
    the students in the lab!  Don't let your fear of technology keep you away! 

    Ask your child, your Innovator, what was learned today!  You will be amazed!
    I know I am!  Thanks for sharing your children with me.

    Mrs. Rosen
    Brookside Innovation Specialist