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Advanced Peer 2013-~2014 Peer Counseling  
Peer Counseling is a special program focusing on peers helping peers. the duty of a peer counselor is to mediate problems between students by helping them to find their answers. prior to becoming advanced peer counselors, the students have gone through a year of beginning peer counseling, in which they have developed skills and techniques for problem solving and peer mediating. In addition, these peer counselors have passed through a rigorous selection process, so that each of our advanced peer counselors are fully capable of handling stressful situations.

Advanced Peer Counselors

2014-2015       *= Leadership

10th Grade

Will Carter

Paige Creason

Gal Elkayam

Adam Farnsworth

Jaron Flynn

Taylor Janvrin

Deborah Ong

Rose Saban


11th Grade

Hannah Adler

Jayda Nalamlieng

*Max Davis

*Claire Matulis

*Jake Davis

*Kenny Park

*Amanda Reilly

Anastasia Greer

Tyler Ford

Trenton Hall

*Rachel Julius

Ashley Stephens

Kobi Weisberg

Malika Khamidova

12th Grade 

Rachel Cohen 

Yael Karoly 

*Sam Sklar 

Victoria Torres 

*Michelle Velazquez 

Ben Winck 


Russell Tagawa 

*Maris Padden 

*Jasmine Flora 

*Malia Smith 

*Tyler Kristensen 

Emily Powers 

Taylor Chock-Wong  

*Gabe Rashba  


Thank you for applying to Advanced Peer Counseling.  There were so many deserving candidates and such limited spaces that it was a very difficult and challenging process to choose this year’s group.  If your name was not on the list we hope that you will choose to continue your participation in Peer Counseling next year. 


Last Modified on June 12, 2014