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Peer Counseling Advanced Peer Counseling 2014-15
Peer Counseling is a special program focusing on peers helping peers. the duty of a peer counselor is to mediate problems between students by helping them to find their answers. prior to becoming advanced peer counselors, the students have gone through a year of beginning peer counseling, in which they have developed skills and techniques for problem solving and peer mediating. In addition, these peer counselors have passed through a rigorous selection process, so that each of our advanced peer counselors are fully capable of handling stressful situations.

Advanced Peer Counselors

2014-2015       *= Leadership

10th Grade

Will Carter

Paige Creason

Gal Elkayam

Adam Farnsworth

Jaron Flynn

Taylor Janvrin

Deborah Ong

Rose Saban


11th Grade

Hannah Adler

Jayda Nalamlieng

*Max Davis

*Claire Matulis

*Jake Davis

*Kenny Park

*Amanda Reilly

Anastasia Greer

Tyler Ford

Trenton Hall

*Rachel Julius

Ashley Stephens

Kobi Weisberg

Malika Khamidova

12th Grade 

Rachel Cohen 

Yael Karoly 

*Sam Sklar 

Victoria Torres 

*Michelle Velazquez 

Ben Winck 


Russell Tagawa 

*Maris Padden 

*Jasmine Flora 

*Malia Smith 

*Tyler Kristensen 

Emily Powers 

Taylor Chock-Wong  

*Gabe Rashba  


Last Modified on December 2, 2014