Oak Park Schools Our Children's Future
                                                                          Thank You
Thank you to the 549 families/groups for participating in this special project. Your support is very much appreciated.  

Adams Family
Adivi Family
Aggarwal Family
Ahdoot Family
Alchanati Lesleigh & Rosenthal Beverly
Aldrich Family
Alicer Family
Anderson Family (Nelson & Marta)
Anderson Family  (David & Pellie)
Anderson Family (Darin & Julie)
Archer Family
Arenson Family
Arquilevich Family
Arsht Family
Asher Family  (Asher Plumbing)
Asher Family  (Vic)
Attanti Family
Aviram Family
Badiei Family
Bagamian Family
Balen Family
Balladares Family
Baraghimian Family
Barrett Family
Barylak Family 
Bathke Family
Batra Family
Baum Family
Baumann Family
Bazargan Family
Bear Family
Beaumont Family
Beisel Family
Belichesky Family
Bell Family
Bellinghiere Family
Belsky Family
Benton Family (Casey & Haley Ahern)
Berner Family
Bernstein Family (Kathy & Irwin)
Bernstein Family (Keith & Julie) 
Bessey Family
Bilchik Family
Bilodeau Family
Blair Family
Bloss Family
Bocchi Family
Bock Family (Brian & Suzie)
Bongiovi Family
Bouimer Family
Bowman Family
Brinkley Family
Brookside Tigers (Jan Rosen)
Brown Family  (Loretta & Scott)
Brown Family (Linda)
Brown Family (Sunita)
BrownFamily (Valerie)
Buccieri Family
Burger Family
Buttke Family
Camhi Family
Carman Family (Margaret)
Carman Family
Carmichael Family
Carrillo Family
Caruso Family
Carvalhal Family
Casillas Family
Cass Family
Castillo Family
Chan Family (Ng Jean)
Chandra Family
Chang Family
Chasin Family
Cheney Family
Chiu Family
Chizzo Family
Chrisakis Family
Christine Family
Chu Family
Chuba Family
Chung  Family
Church Family
Clarke Family
Class of 2012/Grad Night Committee
Cleary Family
Clericuzio Family
Cleveland Mary
Cohen Family  (Darian & Leslie)
Cohen Family (Jorden & Becky)
Coie Family
Cole Family
Compton Family
Conove Family 
Cook Family
Cooper Family
Cornick Family
Coss Family
Coufal Alexander Family
Covert Family
Cummings Family
Dalton Family
Daniels Family
Dauchey Family
Davarpanah Family 
Dave Family
David Family
Davis Family
Debski Family
DeCaussin Family
DeGrinis Family
Delgado Family
Dellevigne Family
Dem Family
DeMattia Family
Desilets Family
Detamore Family
Devine Family
Dickey Family
Dilley Family
Dingle Family
DiPaolo Family
Doheney Family
Dolabson Family
Dollison-Eichstadt Family
Dorenfeld Family
Dorian Family
Driggs Family
Drummond Family
Dubey Family
Duerdeldt Kurt & Stephanie
Dugar Family
Dusek Family
Ebert Family
Effres Sheri (Casey Spinner)
Eghbali Family
Eilon Family
Elayne Family
Elbaum Family
Ellis Family
Ephrem Family 
Epstein Family
Fagan Family
Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLP 
Feemster Family
Felder Family
Feldman Family
Fernandez Family
Field Family
Fields Family
Finch Family 
Fingerman Family
Finn Family
Fischer Family
Fisher Family
Flaig-Irwin Family
Flamer Family
Ford Family
Foresti Family
Forster Family
Fowler Family
Foy Family
Frahm Family
Freeman-Israel Family
Freitas Family
Frey Family
Friedlander Family
Friedman  Family (Daniel & Natalie)
Friedman Family (Vicki)
Friedman Family (Jay)
Friedman Family (Amy)
Friedricks Family
Fritzen Family
Front Family
Furgala Family
Futterman Family
Gabriel Family
Gailaif Family
Gam Family
Gann Family
Garfinkel Family (Michael & Stacey)
Garfinkel Family
Gaske Family
Gates Family
Gee Family
Ghaffari Family
Gifford Family
Gill Family
Gilliam Family
Ginsburg Family
Glassman Family
Glickstein Family
Glucroft Family
Goldbeck Family 
Goldes Family
Goldrich Family
Goldstein Family
Goodman Family
Goodnough Family
Gordon Family
Gorelik Family
Gortner Family
Gove Family
Gramm Family
Graves Family
Green Family
Greenbaum Family
Greenwald Family
Grinstein Family
Gronich Family
Gunn Family
Gyure Family
Haines Family
Hall Family
Halthore Family
Hand Family
Hankins Family
Hardy Family
Harris Family (Owen & Susie)
Hart Family
Hasany Family
Hasserjian Family
Hawker-Friedman Family
Hayden Family
Heald Family
Heilbron Leslie
Helfstein Family
Helou Family
Heredia Family
Herrera Family
Herstein Family
Hess Family
Hill Family
Hirsch Family
Hoffmayer Family
Holland Gregg
Holmes Family (Richard & Sarah)
Holmes Family (Vivian & Bob)
Horowitz Family
Horstman Family
Hsiong Family
Hunter Family
Hush Family
Iceland Family (Steve & Jan)
Immerman Family
Immke Family
In Memory of Debra Wohlwerth 
Indra Family
Iqbal Family
Jaffee Family
Jahr Family
Jakl Family
Jamison Family
Jha Family
John Family
Johnson Family
Julius Family
Kadugere Family
Kaiden Family (Gage Julia)
Kaminsky Family
Katz Family
Katz Family (Chimene)
Katz Family (Gary)
Katz Family (Mike)
Kaufmann Family
Kealer Family
Keaster Family
Kelman Family
Kennedy Family
Khoury Family
Kim Family
Kinder Family
King Family
Kinney Family
Klopert Family 
Knight Dr. Tony /Rocket team
Kristensen Family
Laba Family
Laifman Jay & Barbara
Lam Family (Ron & Michelle) 
Lam Family (David)
Lamb Family
Lane Family
Latson Family
Laughton Family (Krista)
Laughton Family (Ron)
Lawson Family
Lazausskas Family
Lazzetta Family
Lee Family
Leggat Family (John & Andrea)
Legget Family (Kathleen)
Lepin Family
Lerner Family (Eliana)
Lerner Family (Garett & Kimberly)
Levanon Family
Levine Family (Adam)
Levine Family (Karen)
Lezak Family
Lian Family
Lim Family
Lin Family
Ling Christina
Looyen Family
Louie  Family
Love Family
Lowry Family (Kent & Kellie)
Lowry Family (Scott & Kathleen)
Lu You & Fan Long
Lyle Family 
Macke Family
Mackey Family
MacMahan Family
Maddukuri Family
Mahoney Family
Majam Family
Malinzak Family
Mallory Family
Mamroth Family
Management of District Office
Mansmann Family
Manyak Family
Martin Family
Masudo Family
Mayer Family
McAuley Family
McCarthy Family
McCleery Family
McCrary Family
McGinley-Bertholdo Family
McGuire Family (Richard & Angie)
McGuire. Family (Michael & Victoria)
McKeegan Family
McManus Family
Medina Family
Medved Family
Mehta Family
Melnik Family
Mense Family
Merino Family
Mertzel Family
Mertzel Family (Kenneth & Dana)
Messe Family
Miller Family (Gillian)
Miller Family
Mogavero Family 
Moghimi Family
Monarch Ent Group
Moore Cliff
Moore Family
Morrow Family
Movich Family
Mrs. Melville's 5th grade class
Muccitelli Family
Murray Family
Muxworthy Family (Green Stephanie)
Myer Family
Myers Family (Stewart & Tracey Emily)
Myerson Family 
NeVille Family
Nguyen Family
Nguyen Family (Tony)
Nguyen Truong & Anh Tran
Nicholson Family
Niemerow Family
Nizam Family
Noble Family
Nottingham-Velazco Family
Noy Family
Oak Hills Mrs. Levine's 2nd grade class
Oak Park Classified Association
Oak Park Site Administrators
Oak Park Teachers Association
OHES 5th Grade Class 2012
Orens Family (Doug & Carolyn)
Orriss Family
Pallant Family
Panczak Family
Park Family  (Kevin & Ellen)
Park Family (Dongsik & Insook Kenneth)
Parker Family
Paul Family
Paule Family
Pearce Family
Pennington Family
Peters Family
Petit Ann
Pfening Family
Pham Family
Phillips Family (Ralph & Lisa)
Phillips Family ( Sandy)
Pimstone Family
Ploumpis Family
Poe Family
Pollard Family
Pollock Family
Primack Family
Prince Family
Prushan Family
Pryor Family
Putta Family (Addagada Lakshmi)
Qin Family
Raina Family 
Rajavel Family
Rao Family
Rashba Family
Raslan Family
Ravetch Family
Reale Family
Red Oak 5th grade Class
Reda Family
Reisman Family
Resnick Family
Reublin Family
Rhorer Family
Rice Family
Rifkind Family
Rinkov Family
Risley Family
Roberg Family
Robins Family (Diane Brandes)
Rodriguez Family
Roetman Family
Rohani Family
Rohrer Family
Rojany Family
Rosen Family  (Allen & Jan)
Rosen Family (Michael & Laura)
Rosen Family (Michelle)
Rosenberg Family (Denise)
Rosenberg Family (Lisa)
Ross Family (Derek)
Rozanski Family
Saffron Ami & Billy Friedman Family
Salim Family
Salzman Family
Samuels Family (Kristine)
Samuels Family (Roberts)
Samuels Sherwin & Burden Barbara
Sanchez Family
Sanchez Family
Sanders Family
Santiello Family
Sarac Family
Saravis Family
Satish Family
Sayyah Family (Fordham D)
Schapiro Family
Schlatter Family
Schneider Family
Schnurr Family 
Schrimpf Family
Schrock Family
Scott Family
Sebso Family
Shannon Family
Shao Family
Shapiro Family
Sharpstone Family
Shea Family
Shefi Family
Shires Family
Shoaf Family
Shoji Family
Shulman Family
Siff Family
Silverstone Family
Sloane Family
Slotnick Family
Smith Family
Snader Family
Snyder Family
Southard Family
Speert Family
Spiro Family (Mark & Monica)
Spooner Family (Bill)
Stark Family
Steinhardt Family
Stephens Family
Stepner Family
Stermer Family
Stokelman Family
Stoll Family
Stothers Family
Strauss Famiy
Stromquist Paula  
Strong Family
Sutarwala Family
Swedelson Family
Szczechowski Family
Tagawa Family
Tamaddon Family
Tamiyasu Family
Tan Family
Tanner Family
Taylor Family
Teichner Family
Telep Family
Teschler Family
Thedinga Family
Throckmorton Family
Tingzon Family
Tio Imelda (Alex & Malia Cohen)
Tong Family
Torgove Family
Treitman Family
Trnavsky Family
Trux Family
Tso Family
Ungar Family
Vail Family
Van Beveren Family
Verma Family
Vetti Family
Vincent Family
Volchok Family
Volk Family
Von Schneidau Family
Waldman Family
Walike Family
Walker Family (Robert & Arianne)
Walker Family (Steve)
Wall Family
Walsh Family
Wang Family (Fang Wang & Jianhua Cheng)
Wang Family (Tong)
Wechsler Family
Weeks Masry Family
Welin Family
West Family
Wheatley-Okimoto Family
Whelan Family
White Family
Whiteley Family
Wiederspahn Family
Willet Family
Wiltfang Family
Winer-Levine Family
Winston Family
Wise Family
Wittke Family
Woo Family
Woodman Family
Wulf Family
Wyner Family
Yeoh Family
Yeoman Family
Zeolla Families
Zhao Family