Facilities Planning Committee  

Background & Purpose

The OPUSD Facilities Planning Committee was formed in February 2006, its members were asked to become familiar with the projects listed in the 2005 Master Plan so that if a Facilities Bond was successfully voted on by the citizens of Oak Park, the committee would be prepared to provide feedback with regard to project prioritization.
In June 2006, the technology bond (Measure C-6) passed, while the $90M facilities bond (Measure B-6) did not.  In November 2006, the $71M facilities bond put forth to the community (Measure H-6) was also unsuccessful.  In November 2008, a $29.5M facilities bond (Measure R) received in excess of the 55% required for passage.
With the passage of the $29.5M facilities bond in November 2008, the Facilities Planning Committee will take an active role in the decision making process related to the $29.5M of bond funds available.

About the Committee

This committee was originally formed with at least one parent and one staff member from each of the Oak Park Elementary schools, Medea Creek Middle School & Oak Park High School.  Since 2006, some of the parent members no longer have students at the schools they were originally representing. However, the value of the members on this committee is no longer the representation of a specific school, but rather a familiarity with the process and the projects that each member has gained through being a part of a long-standing committee.