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 California landforms - descriptions and map of landforms and their locations

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FFFBI Missions
Join the Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation, better known as the FFFBI. Choose one of the missions on this page and then begin your investigation. You will be joined by animal members of the FFFBI team who want to help you solve mysteries. Good luck and get to work agent.

Dragonfly: Science for Kids
This is a cool site about animals, ecosystems, flying machines, and much much more. Have you ever imaged what it would be like to play baseball on each of the nine planets? Watch a movie of a monarch butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. Jump into the pond and start exploring.

Space Place  - check out this site from NASA and JPL and learn all about different space topics, make some spacey things, solve an extraterrestrial riddle, and dive below the surface of Mars! - Watch the brand new baby elephant, pandas, apes and polar bears LIVE on the zoo"s web site!

USA Today Weather - get today"s weather all over the US.  Also includes interesting weather trivia and information.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory - another kid site sponsored by NASA with different info, games & facts

Project GLOBE - worldwide site for kids & teachers with projects on conservation & making the world a better place

StarChild - kid site by NASA about astronomy

Enchanted Learning - kids site about anything from dinosaurs to animals to nursery rhymes (even includes preschool-Kindergarten games!)

Chem4kids - fun site to explore everything from molecules to experiments

Bill Nye - site based on the TV show includes "Questions of the Week" & lots of experiments to do at home!

Volcano field trip

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